Why didn’t the lifeguard save the hippie? Because he was too far out, man. Well, Coors Light, with their latest big game campaign, is further out than any hippie’s ever been. Seriously. They’re further out than the ‘oops, took the wrong acid’ tent at Woodstock. Further out than the folks that decided Pluto wasn’t a planet. And further out than the fans of Leo’s film, Inception…

More on that later as I’ve got to explain this first. This is the Black Collar Club. And in it I’ll address relevant marketing, advertising, social and cultural “news” in a condensed format sourced from hours of early morning time spent scouring the internet in hopes of finding out what’s REALLY going on in our industry.

Yes, Coors Light’s finally lost it. But they’ve lost it so good you sorta’ hope it never gets found.

(“It” here representing their sanity, the ethical amount of influence a brand should have over any person and the creative boundaries with which advertisers have, until now, remained captive to.)

Yes, they’ve lost it. But, actually, no they’re not further out than the fans of Leo’s film, Inception. They’re just that far out as they’re attempting the inception of a Super Bowl ad.

They’re literally trying to get you to dream a Coors Light ad.

Think I’m joking… think again… Because “the brewer partnered with psychologist Deirdre Barret to develop a film that uses audio-visual stimuli intended to generate particular images and sensations in the viewer’s subconscious.” (Marketing Dive)

The viewer being “participants in the world’s largest dream study” the “Coors Big Game Dream.” Those participants are meant to “listen to an eight-hour ‘soundscape’ throughout the night as they sleep that will ostensibly trigger a version of the ‘ad.’” (Marketing Dive)

There’s a video documenting the study. It’s hilarious. And it’ll explain a lot.

Most importantly, though, the video explains Coors’ tone. They know attempting the inception of a Super Bowl ad is completely ridiculous and outrageously comical. That’s why they’re doing it…

Also because “Molson Coors can’t legally run Super Bowl commercials because of a long-running exclusivity pact the NFL has with chief rival AB InBev.” (Marketing Dive)

So they thought outside the box… so far outside the box they redefined thinking. And when faced with the question of whether or not planting dreams in people is ethical… they answered.

“Uh?” (David Lawson, Visual Artist)

Which is honestly the most honest answer they could’ve given. Because this whole thing’s a joke. And it’s also, not.

If you have a problem with it, go find a lifeguard.

But I’m down with it. I’ve been dreaming about Coors Light since before it was cool. Yeehaw.

Your Huckleberry,
Jimmy Boy

SOURCE: Marketing Dive