It’s Britney, b!tch. Well, actually, if you’re a real Office fan you know it was Lady Gaga that Michael was listening to. But you get the point. America is excited. Excited for the Super Bowl. Sure, we’re a little rattled (just as Michael usually is) by last year’s turmoil. But we’re excited nonetheless. And we’re ready for a party in the USA…

More on that later as I’ve got to explain this first. This is the Black Collar Club. And in it I’ll address relevant marketing, advertising, social and cultural “news” in a condensed format sourced from hours of early morning time spent scouring the internet in hopes of finding out what’s REALLY going on in our industry.

That’s right, Black Collar Crue, we’re ready for a party in the USA! And who better to give us one than the girl who wrote the book on it… I mean song. You know what I mean…

Ladies, gentlemen and otherwise, Miley Cyrus!

That’s right, “Grammy-Award nominated pop [and country] superstar Miley Cyrus will headline the NFL TikTok Tailgate at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., site of the big game, starting at 2:30 p.m. ET/ 11:30 a.m. [PST] Feb. 7th.” (Adweek)

Pretty cool.

What’s even cooler is “the live event was created exclusively for the healthcare workers and Cyrus will be joined by special guests from the NFL, TikTok creators, surprise musical performance, gameday cooking segments and other happenings.” (Adweek)

Non-healthcare heroes can still watch via TikTok from home and “portions of the performance will also air on the Super Bowl LV Pregame Show on CBS.” (Adweek)

But it’s mostly for the healthcare workers who exhibited immensee bravery during trying times and helped us all out.

Because it’s Britney, b!tch. And she’s ready to party in the USA!

So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song, the butterflies fly away
I’m noddin’ my head like, yeah
Movin’ my hips like, yeah
I got my hands up, they’re playing my song
They know I’m gonna be okay
Yeah, it’s a party in the USA
Yeah, it’s a party in the USA

Love it.

But, as Doc Holiday once said to the Sheriff, “my hypocrisy only goes so far.” Meaning, I can’t pretend I don’t know who Miley is as I’m a HUGE fan! So I’ll get it right here, before I go…

It’s Miley, b!tch.

Your Huckleberry,
Jimmy Boy

SOURCE: Adweek