Say you’ve done something “wrong.” What would you rather do…? Face the music OR shy away from the situation? Before you decide, there are a couple important caveats: If you face the music you have to do so knowing your only response can be one you wrote months ago — without knowledge of your wrongdoing. But if you shy away it’ll cost $5 million and you’ll have nothing to show for it… WYD?

I don’t know what I’d do. But I do know this is the Black Collar Club. And in it I’ll address relevant marketing, advertising, social and cultural “news” in a condensed format sourced from hours of early morning time spent scouring the internet in hopes of finding out what’s REALLY going on in our industry.

WYD, people? Face the music or shy away from the situation? I really don’t know what I’d do. But I do know “Robinhood[‘s] [going to] forge ahead with [their] Super Bowl debut despite GameStop uproar.” (Marketing Dive)

Meaning, Robinhood ain’t shying away from sh!t.

No they are not. They are, though, set to “air [their] first-ever Super Bowl commercial as [they] look to bring a message of democratizing stock trading to a wider audience.” (Marketing Dive)

(If you’re having trouble putting the parallel together… This is the $5 million cost. The Super Bowl spot. The one shying away would forfeit… If you’re still having trouble, just take some crayons and keep it inside the lines.)

jk jk… Where were we?

Right, roughly $5 million for a “30-second spot, [titled] ‘We are all investors,’ [which] depicts a group of people whose diversity intends to communicate how stock trading is meant for everyone.” (Marketing Dive)

I’ll also note, because Marketing Dive noted, the spot ends on the line “You don’t need to become an investor. You were born one.” (Marketing Dive)

First off, thanks Bruce Springsteen. Second off, I think they meant “lines” but I didn’t grow up bringing an apple-to-class so I’ll move on.

On to the real issue in all this: “Robinhood continues to weather public relations fallout after limiting trades on stocks like GameStop last week amid surging demand. Many users believe the maneuver betrayed the company’s purpose…” (Marketing Dive)

All the while, they’re running a Super Bowl spot that doesn’t address any of it. And how could it? It was written months ago… How could they have known they’d be “in the throes of a reputational crisis[?]” (Marketing Dive)

Foresight like that would be illegal. Like insider trading. LOL.

S/O to Martha Stewart. And S/O to you, Black Collar Crue. Thanks for giving me a few days off. Writing this sh!t ain’t easy… but it sure is fun.

Taking some time off helps me keep it that way.

Your Huckleberry,
Jimmy Boy

SOURCE: Marketing Dive