If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of the NFL. And a huge fan of the Denver Football Broncos. But watching the playoff games this super-wild-card-weekend, the only Broncos I saw, were built by Ford in Detroit. And, unlike my beloved Denver’s, the Ford’s looked good. Really good…

More on that later as I’ve got to explain this first. This is the Black Collar Club. And in it I’ll address relevant marketing, advertising, social and cultural “news” in a condensed format sourced from hours of early morning time spent scouring the internet in hopes of finding out what’s REALLY going on in our industry.

That’s right, Black Collar Crue, the only Broncos I saw this super-wild-card-weekend were built by Ford. But they sure did look good. Didn’t they?

Of course they did. Because, Ford’s newest campaign from Wieden+Kennedy New York, showcased them perfectly. Wieden+Kennedy told their story. The story of how Broncos were “Raised by Goats…” (Ad Age)

Literally. The first of three TV spots from Ford features “a herd of [goats that] guides an uncertain colt over harsh terrain, only for it to gain its footing and transform in a dark cave into the 2021 Bronco Sport.” (Ad Age)


Why goats?

Well, “the goats’ placement in the commercial is a nod to the Bronco’s seven available ‘G.O.A.T. modes’—shorthand for ‘Goes Over Any Type of Terrain’—which was also Ford’s original codename for the in-development 1966 Bronco.” (Ad Age)

Bet you didn’t know that… But, now you do.

And, now you’ll notice that this nod to the client’s rich history is not one seldom seen. Agencies everywhere are pushing brands to boast their backstories. And they’re doing so because brands’ past informs their present and paves their future.


Want proof?

Look at all the “new” logos. They look just like they used to…

And speaking of, I can’t wait for the Denver Broncos to look like they used to. Maybe they need a Wieden+Kennedy campaign… Or a quarterback… Or a coach that knows what a timeout is and when to call one…

Your Huckleberry,
Jimmy Boy