Gimme’ Friction


Hey there folks — here’s a look behind the curtain into my life and where my tone comes from. It’s nice to have ya’ll here.


Family Tradition

Language is my passion. Plain and simple. I write all kinds of copy: social, blog, email, sales, internal, strategy, direct response and more. If you’ve heard of it I’ve shaken the spear at it — and if I haven’t I’ll learn to. I’m a quick study.

I’ve written for all kinds of clients too: tech giants, legal tech, niche’ tech, medical device manufacturers, warehouse safety equipment manufacturers, online automotive retailers, snowboard companies and more.

Show me the hat and I’ll wear it, need the research and I’ll do it, tighten the deadline and I’ll make it. Worried about technical proficiency? Don’t. I can write like a developer who knows that YOUR application should migrate from Heroku to managed Kubernetes for orchestration at scale. That’s right folks — I’m an all American writer. It’s what I do and what I love.

I don’t drink but I’ve rivaled Bukowski. I don’t smoke but I’m acquainted with more chimney’s than Santa. And, I’m not afraid to push the fish if it’s about to turn. Now, to some this might sound slick but to me it’s just vernacular. My tongue’s no more silver than yours — I just love language.

When I’m not shaking the spear, I’m riding scooters or hanging with my hound dog, Hendrix. I’m from the woods but I dig the city. I run a truck but can roll a Prius too, doesn’t matter to me.

Thanks for your time and let me know if I can get you, your brand or your agency, in tune.



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